Bhavani and Timur's Engagement


Monday evening I met with Bhavani and Timur to capture images for their engagement. We met in a neighborhood called Vinegar Hill in Brooklyn, NY. Vinegar Hill is an amazing little area that hasn't changed much in over 100 years. Original storefronts line up along  cobblestone streets which give this place a real old-time, vintage vibe. This was a special place for both Bhavani and Timur as it was the location in which they first met. Timur, also being a professional image-maker, brought along his Fuji X100 to grab some shots of Bhavani as I grabbed shots of them both. It is clear in these pictures that not only are Bhavani and Timur fun and playful, but their love for one another is true and genuine and that they were meant to be together. We wish Bhavani and Timur a long and happy life together! Can't wait for the wedding!