Myriame & Friday's Wedding Engagement!


A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of photographing Myriame & Friday for their wedding engagement. The photo shoot took place in Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ and the weather couldn't have been any better. We were a bit worried about the weather at first as the day previously was pouring buckets and more rain was on the forecast for our shoot, thank goodness the weather man is not always right! Haha. 

Myriame & Friday brought along a few props for the shoot, a guitar, camera, and travel bag, in addition to a change of clothes, which really added value to the overall look and feel of the shoot. By looking at the pictures you would think we were out there all day, but in fact we spent less than two hours, two hours well spent I must say!

The love Myriame and Friday share for one another clearly shines through in these photos, don't you think?

We wish Myriame & Friday a long and wonderful life together! Cant wait till the big day!